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The StudyScan Suite is modelled on traditional principles of educational assessment and has been developed from research by Dr. Dorota Zdzienski, a specialist in the field of dyslexia.

While providing dyslexia support at Kingston University, Dr. Zdzienski became aware of the need for easily accessed and administered programmes which would simplify the screening and assessment of students.

Primarily what was required was a simple question and answer screening programme to indicate whether a student showed signs of dyslexia and needed learning support. This was followed by cognitive and educational performance tests which would provide a full dyslexia assessment, highlighting learning strengths and weaknesses, followed by a report and analysis of individual needs.

Initially paper based programmes were devised to help students but this was transformed into a computerised test which would produce comprehensive sets of results at a fraction of the cost of other forms of testing.

In 1997, following a five-year period of extensive research and development, the first computerised assessment and screening tool - the StudyScan Suite - was launched.

The StudyScan Suite

What is the StudyScan Suite

The StudyScan Suite is the product of many years of development and testing by a team of dyslexia experts, educational psychologists, technical writers and computer specialists. It is the result of extensive research conducted under the auspices of the Universities of Surrey, Kingston, Leicester and Ulster. The programme was piloted with 2,000 adults including over 200 previously diagnosed as being dyslexic.

The StudyScan Suite is is a multifunctioning 'screening' and 'diagnostic' programme that enables the user to identify specific learning difficulties, individual learning styles and attainment levels across a wide range of cognitive and educational disciplines.

The 'screening' element of the programme, QuickScan, identifies whether an individual requires a full dyslexia assessment, as well as providing detailed information on their preferred learning style and areas of educational need, including study skills and English as a second language requirement.

The 'diagnostic' element of the programme, StudyScan, identifies each individual's degree of specific learning difficulty as well as providing a detailed 'cognitive profile'.

Why use the StudyScan Suite

The ability of StudyScan to identify specific learning difficulties has shown that by focusing on an individual's preferred learning style you can 'open the door' to more efficient and effective learning, thereby building confidence in personal abilities and encouraging creative study.

The 'cognitive profiles' produced by StatScan have proved to be a valuable tool in enabling educationalists and trainers to devise individually targeted 'programmes' that have helped raise the performance of thousands of adults.

The StudyScan Suite satisfies the requirements of current Disability Discrimination Legislation and is also one of the assessment tools used by the British Dyslexia Association in projects to establish a best practice framework.

To date, the programme has been successfully used by over one million adults and continues to provide users with a reliable, cost effective screening and diagnostic tool.


Preliminary Screener

QuickScan is an easy to use, multi-functional questionnaire that takes 10-20 minutes to complete and accurately identifies specific areas of learning strengths and weaknesses. It is suitable for people over the age of 14.

On completion QuickScan generates a report that identifies:

If necessary, it will recommend a full dyslexia and cognitive profile assessment, such as StudyScan or with an Educational Psychologist/Specialist Tutor.

The report also provides information on the need for support with:

A separate QuickScan Tutor Report provides:

User options

QuickScan comes as 'text only' and 'Text/Audio' with a printable report and audio visual support. Mouse and keyboard operation are available with both options.

Data options

There is automatic tracking of each QuickScan session and individual results are easily transferable to a central database.

QuickScan is available to purchase separately.

Getting the most out of QuickScan Reports


In depth diagnosis

StudyScan is a comprehensive battery of tests proven over many years to diagnose dyslexia and measure levels of attainment across a wide range of educational disciplines and underlying abilities. It is suitable for people over the age of 16.

StudyScan can be completed in 2-4 hours (preferrably over a flexible time scale if required) and on completion, two printable reports are available, see StatScan for further details.

StudyScan assesses the following skills:


Memory and coding:

Phonological skills:






Analysis programme

StatScan is the unique analysis and diagnostic programme that interprets the data collected by QuickScan and StudyScan, and provides a detailed breakdown and interpretation of the results.

StatScan generates two detailed reports

The Dyslexia Report offers:

The information is displayed as:

The Analysis Report presents:

StatScan also produces:

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